Chis'mere Mallard

Chis'mere (pronounced "Shimere") Mallard is a native born son of Texas. His life and his story is one of overcoming. Raised by his mother and grandmother in Houston, he faced a life of hardships. Without a father in the home, Chis'mere lacked the proper role model that every young man needs when they are growing up.

Life was hard growing up. The little family was forced to move many times to make ends meet. In school, he was labeled as a slow learner and forced into remedial classes. This impacted him greatly, the stigma causing low self-esteem and driving him to live up to the label. Believing that he would never be smart enough to attend college, succeed in life or make a positive impact on the world, he began to feel that he was useless... that his life served no purpose.

Vulnerable, Chis'mere was molested by an older woman. While many think this doesn't affect boys like it does girls, he knows differently. By his teens, he felt like a complete failure... he felt like the world would be better off without him... he considered suicide.

Fortunately, it was at this point that Chis'mere's life took a turn for the better. He became inspired by the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. With the support of various mentors and coaches, he overcame his feeling of worthlessness and by the age of 18 had decided to pursue his college degree, regardless of what others thought about him. It was at about this time that he met the woman who became his wife.

Relocating to McAllen, Texas, Chis'mere and Veronica were married and had their first child. It was then that his life changed drastically, for the better, through an encounter with the love of Jesus Christ. This enabled him to rise above his self-defeating ways, and keep on rising. It is his faith in God, coupled with his love for his family that has driven him to excel.

After graduation from the University of Texas Pan-American with a BA is Sociology, Chis'mere managed a personal trainer business. It was there that he discovered the joy of empowering others to succeed. He became more than a fitness trainer; encouraging people to not only succeed in their fitness goals but in their personal goals for their lives. This passion has led him to seek out others and encourage them.

Today, Chis'mere owns and manages CLS Devices, LLC, representing several multi-million dollar companies, as well as his own life-coaching and inspirational speaking company, Chis’mere Mallard, LLC. His rise to this level was meteoric, due to his charismatic leadership and unstoppable ambition. As an inspirational speaker, Chis'mere shares his zest for life and positive attitude by motivating others. He loves to see others succeed.

Chis'mere's genuine compassion for others, energetic spirit and perseverance serve as an example of what it takes to not only overcome adversity, but thrive in the midst of it.